FEMM - Party All Night (x)

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Tsarevich Alexei in Anastasia (1997)

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Am I the only who thought it was really cute how Haru carried his ladle all the up the stairs? Cause it was fucking adorable.

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Your parents are very worried about you.

Free! ES Episode 05 - Makoto and his Pink shirt

Poor Nagisa! His parents are forcing him to go to the supercontinent of Pangaea! We have to help him!”
"What are you talking about?"
"There’s no such place!"
"Huh? There isn’t?!"

Free! Eternal Summer: episode 5 - Makoharu

Free! Eternal Summer End Card 5 — Makoto and Rei
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Free! Eternal Summer End Card 5Makoto and Rei

is this your career path survey? can i look at it?


"I’ve been holding a lot back for a long time! I was never able to say everything I wanted to! I’ve always done what you’ve told me to! And I’ve never enjoyed any of it! But that’s because I was weak. I’ve just kept running away from facing you, Mom and Dad… Because I’d given up before I even tried! That’s why I don’t want to run away anymore! Haru-chan, Mako-chan, and Rei-chan. I want to swim with my friends!